Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The end... or is it?

This will be my last post on Virtual future.  I started as "Conette the assistant librarian".  I am now "Conette, the blogging, podcasting, not-tweeting wikipedian" who knows what the little black and white blocks are(QR codes), even though my phone is not advanced enough to read them.  It was nice to read what everyone in class had to say about the subject that I felt very down-hearted about at the beginning of the semester.  I learned so much but I still don't think I will ever use Twitter or a blog again.  It was fun though and I will definitely go on with the wiki so look out for our published version.

So now this blogging, podcasting, not-tweeting wikipedian is blogging off. Thumbs crossed that the next couple of subjects waiting for me are as interesting as ICT was.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Podcast completed!

Today I went to Sandy to make double sure that my recording of the interview that I had with my principal librarian is on the right track.  She said it sounded good.  I deleted almost 100 seconds from the original interview making use of Audasity.  There is hardly any background sound left as well.  This is one of the nicest programmes I have ever used and I will definitely try and use it in the future if I need to modify some audio files.

I would really like to link my podcast to my blog, but the only way I am able to add my podcast to the blog is by loading it as a video... I hoped it will work... but it didn't.  Mabe Sandy can give me a bit of help tomorrow before class.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Podcast Project

Okay so I completed my interview for my Podcast Project.  I interviewed my Principal Librarian, Rosa Folscher, on social media in libraries.  It is amazing on how one can talk for hours on end and not note that the time is flying.  But when you need to record a conversation of five to ten minutes it is nearly impossible.  I thought it would be easy to get to ten minutes but I found that you talk very fast if you know you are being recorded.  Then again you know what the answer to a question is and what you want to ask next but you can only plan an interview to a certain point.  Now I need to remove all the ringing phones, people talking in the library and people knocking on the door even though a big bright sign on the door says "interview in progress, do not knock or enter". 

Part one completed, now for fixing and then posting.  Then project is complete!
Our Wiki Website

Yesterday I added some information to our wiki website.  Now I know that it must first be published and then only others will be able to see what is going on on our website.  Can't wait to see what it will look like finally.  As I said previously it is on the general library information for the City of Cape Town Public Libraries.  I added the Library Bylaw and the Dewey System.  Now some more books and their reviews.

Saturday, 27 April 2013


So we started with our wiki for the City of Cape Town libraries.  It was quite easy and interesting.  I didn't find our wiki on the web as yet, maybe we have to publish it or something? We finished our layout and decided on what our pages will be called so now we need to fill in the information. We chose a very nice looking background and the information will be very basic but I think it is a good start for a wiki.  Mabe I will change it after the project is completed and make one specifically for the Goodwood Libarary.  Just have to make sure that I don't need special permission.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Wiki website

I will definitely love to become a wikipedian.  I have always loved to put information together in one space, even though I hardly get the time to do everything.  If only a day had 48 hours.

Last week we got to know a bit more of wiki's.  Wiki is actually a Hawaiian word meaning 'super-fast' and it refers to the website and the software that is used to keep the website going.  One of the privileges of a wiki (and in some cases a downfall) is that anyone can register to add to a wiki website and thus helping to improve the site.  In short, and according to Adele Aubrey from the University of Manchester, a wiki is ''hypertext bases, collaborative software enabling documents to be authored collectively using a web browser''.  A wiki helps team members to share, manage and navigate their knowledge on the internet.

Wiki's have advantages and disadvantages; they can be updated and the new information can be seen as soon as it is updated; links can be made to other websites to ensure that the information is easy to understand and it is probably more collaborative.  Quality control on the other hand is one of the major issues.

Various libraries over the world have a wiki website.  It is now our mission (and project) to work in a team of three and build a wiki website for public libraries.

We will have to start our own wiki so I got a little video to ensure that I am on the right track.  I know Sandy  will show us how but I need to make sure I am ready.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Podcast project

Today I am busy doing some research for my podcast project.  I will be doing the interviews next week and recording it will be a first for me.  I hate to hear my own voice on a recording or even on a home video but this is a must-do thing.  Luckily my head, Rosa Folscher, is up for the challenge and really willing to help me.