Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The end... or is it?

This will be my last post on Virtual future.  I started as "Conette the assistant librarian".  I am now "Conette, the blogging, podcasting, not-tweeting wikipedian" who knows what the little black and white blocks are(QR codes), even though my phone is not advanced enough to read them.  It was nice to read what everyone in class had to say about the subject that I felt very down-hearted about at the beginning of the semester.  I learned so much but I still don't think I will ever use Twitter or a blog again.  It was fun though and I will definitely go on with the wiki so look out for our published version.

So now this blogging, podcasting, not-tweeting wikipedian is blogging off. Thumbs crossed that the next couple of subjects waiting for me are as interesting as ICT was.

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